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LibGit2Sharp.HttpTransport.NegotiationStepEnd() Exception


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I've run GitSync against Azure Devops many times, today I tried to push out a brand new repository and received a 500, details in the log show:

2022-08-30 15:36:01,159 MAXETATECH\JHorvath ERROR sync - Error running sync: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.. StackTrace:
   at LibGit2Sharp.HttpTransport.NegotiationStepEnd()
   at LibGit2Sharp.Remote.Upload(PackBuilder pb, IEnumerable`1 updates)
   at Codice.Foreign.GitPusher.Upload(List`1 updateRefs)
   at Codice.Client.BaseCommands.Sync.GitSynchronizer.Push(List`1 localChangesetsToPush)
   at Codice.Client.BaseCommands.Sync.SyncRunner.RunGitSync(SyncStorage storage, String gitMainBranchName, Boolean bJustPrint)
   at Codice.Client.BaseCommands.Sync.SyncRunner.RunSync(SyncSettings settings, RepositoryInfo repInfo)
   at Codice.Client.BaseCommands.Sync.SyncRunner.Sync()

Any ideas why this may be? My Azure Devops Personal Access Token has full access rights and is not expired.

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Please attach the full Platic debug log. According to the error, it seems that the Azure server is aborting the operation. 

Does the server have big files? Are you using GitSync? What is the difference between this repo and any other repo. I'm guessing if this could be the reason.

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