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Issue Tracker Custom Extension Setup On MacPlastic (macos)


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I've made a custom extension for an issue tracker that we use following this tutorial:


It works perfectly on PC.

Unfortunately some of our users are working on Mac...

I cannot make the extension works on MacPlastic. It doesn't appear in the issue tracker list in preference menu.

Is there somewhere a documentation showing how to setup custom issue trackers on mac ? i didn't find any customextension.conf file, tried to make one with no success, tried to modify the client.conf file adding a <CustomExtension> entry.

I need more information.

Thank you by advance.



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You should be able to copy and paste the customextension.conf file that works on pc to User/.plastic4 on Mac with the location of the custom dll.

I can see that you mentioned "MacPlastic" which is the latest versions is the Legacy GUI replaced by PlasticXSCM. Make sure to be in the latest version.



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@HushI finally made it work but it doesn't show configuration in preference/issuetracker menu

1/ Install the extension in its own directory in application/plasticscm/contents/monobundles/extensions/myextension

I haven't tested that it could be another place. This place implies that you have to reinstall it when updating plastic.

2/ Indicate plastic there's an extension using the client.conf located in ~/.plastic4 folder (to add just before the closing </ClientConfData> tag


  <Extension AssemblyFile="/Applications/PlasticSCM.app/Contents/MonoBundle/extensions/myextension.dll"/>


3/ Prepare your plugin configuration file

a) create a folder in ~/.plastic4 named issuetrackers

b) in issuetrackers folder creates a folder with your server name (mine is ssl so i need to indicate it before the server url and indicate the used port 8088 at the end, each part separated by underscore character) ssl_myserver.domain.com_8088.

You can find this hierarchie of folders on your PC in %APPDATA%/local/plastic4/issuetrackers/ssl_myserver.domain.com_8088/allrepos/myextension_issue_tracker.conf

c) in this folder create a folder named allrepos

d) in this folder creates a file named myextension_issue_tracker.conf

it's content is the same as your pc one.  so you can copy it from pc (if it does'nt work it could be a problem of line ending difference between pc and macs)

if you have some parameters to configure (in my case the token to use to communicate with my issue tracker) you will have to change it manually in this file for each of your users. I didn't find any way of making the extension appear in the preference/issuetracker menu to make possible to do configuration from plastic.

Hope that it will help you @Hush . I'm available if you need more information.

Aware to read how to make it work "correctly" by plastic team.






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