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Best supported Linux distro for plasticscm server


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I'd like to migrate my Windows 10 LTSC server to something proper.

I'd love to use linux, hovewer I'm not sure wich distro would be the best supported.

Tried Ubuntu but always had issues installing, not sure if there's still problems on newer versions of ubuntu, I'm assuming this is still an issue

With the "recent" changes on RHEL/CentOs, I'd rather not,

I'd love to use OpenSUSE as I have some experience with it but last time I tried PlasticSCM doesn't seem to work on Tumbleweed and Leap 12 is super old.

Had the same issues on Debian 11 as Ubuntu, Debian 9 seems supported but it's really old at this point.

There's no intrest in Flatpak, I'd rather not use binaries.

That leaves Fedora.
Has anyone tried PlasticSCM on modern Fedora releases?
What would you recommend?



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