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BeginWrite Failure


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Search of "BeginWrite" yields 0 results on this forum. Presumably its never been reported before.


I've installed from PlasticSCM- on MAC OSX 10.8 "Mountain Lion".  I'm stuck on step 1 of connecting to the server.


"Configure the the connection to the Plastic SCM"

Step 1: Enter the server.


Here I use the same credentials I use on my Windows machine.  I enter plastic.mydomain.com:8087 with SSL and click "Connect".  


I get the error shown in red:

"BeginWrite failure: plastic.mydomain.com:8087"


Note: I'm using the correct settings and the connection is at least partly occurring. I know this because if I change the settings to be purposely incorrect it instead tells me I'm not reaching a valid plastic server. With the correct settings I get the "BeginWrite Failure" error.


Note: I can connect just fine using my Windows box. 


Note: I do not use port 8088. I use 8087 even with SSL. I'm 100% certain. I'm aware the config screen likes to keep replacing the port to 8088. I noticed and I did change it back to 8087. 

Note: There are no errors being put in the Mac console when opening the client or making a connection attempt so I have no other information to provide.

Perhaps if I had a template for a Mac config file I could try putting that into place to see if its just a problem with the config screen. 

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You say that you are using 8087 with SSL, did you change the server configuration to use 8087 as the SSL port? Otherwise the connection will fail...


I did not specifically configure 8087 to be an SSL port during the server setup to my knowledge; I've only set up 8087 as the port during the normal server configuration. My guess is that if I go down this path that you're suggesting I would need to manually edit a .conf file to get the job done.


However, please note that I mentioned my Windows box can connect with the SSL checkbox enabled. This implies it is working; and it if is not then it implies a discrepancy between the Windows client and the Mac client.



Indeed!  There was a discrepancy.


If anyone else is running into the "BeginWrite failure" here are some things you may need to be aware of:


- Check your Mac client version versus the server version. In my case the Plastic Server was 5.0 and the client I was attempting to connect with was Mac client 5.4.  I did not notice the mismatch because I only setup my server a week prior and in that time a new version was released. I assumed the "latest" version on the website was still the same.  Big mistake.


- Also, in my case I cannot have the prefix "ssl://" added to my server's URL or the connection will fail, even though I mist have the SSL checkbox enabled or my connection will fail. Seems like a catch-22. Well, the Mac 5.4 client config gui secretly adds "ssl://" to your URL.  If you too need to get around this, configure your server using commandline (I believe it is clconfigureclient via the Mac terminal.)


Whether stripping the ssl:// off the the address even though the SSL checkmark is in place bypasses SSL protection I am not sure. I'm waiting on a reply from support regarding that one. 


Good luck.

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So the main issue was a mismatch between the client and the server. I'm wondering why the version mismatch error didn't pop up.


Now, regarding the SSL, the 8087 port is used by the server for non SSL connection so you will need to remove ssl:// from your client requests. If you decide to go for SSL you will need to use the 8088 port and then you will need to include the ssl prefix.

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