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Option to use Legacy GUI doesn't get saved anymore

Klaus F.

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Hi @Klaus F.,

Unfortunately, the Legacy GUI will eventually be completely removed and is being phased out (as the name suggests). Is there functionality missing from the new GUI which is forcing you to use the legacy GUI?

If you need to have the legacy GUI persist, the only workaround for this would be to revert to a version where this behaviour does not occur.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your answer! I see, that's unfortunate.

These two things are why I prefer the legacy GUI:

  •  I found it more manageable to have only those tabs opened that I needed in my every-day work process, which were just Pending Changes, Branch Explorer and Changesets. It always takes me a few seconds to find these among the side bar of the new GUI and I often click on the ones I don't need (like Branches, because I always mistake it for Branch Explorer). There isn't an option to hide the items I don't need. This makes the new GUI feel sluggish to me.
  • I don't need the comparison section of the Pending Changes view. It takes up half of the window, cluttering the screen with information that is not important to me. I didn't find an option to disable it. Yes, I can resize it to be almost hidden, but no, the resizing doesn't get saved, so I'd need to do that again every time I launch Plastic.
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