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I can not check in changes


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I uncloaked 3 files then deleted them, they show in pending changes as deleted but when I try to check in the changes I get Error "Revision 5149 not found in repository 8". I also can not undo the changes as I get the error "The revision to reload was not found" I'm a little stuck can anyone help please?

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The revision was cloaked. It could make that, at the moment, it doesn´t exist in your workspace (or it´s outdated). There are some situations that could produce this error message.


Could you run an update operation from the items view? You will get a message saying that some files were not proplery updated because they have changes, but you can select "update forced" to overwrite the changed files as well.


Other possibility could be:   Open the ".plastic" folder and delete the next files:  "plastic.changes", "plastic.merges", "plastic.mergechanges".  Anyway, manually toching the metadata files is not normally recomened, because it could produce not desired behaviours in your workspace.




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