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MacPlastic Multiple servers / profiles


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I'm trying to connect to a second server via MacPlastic, but whenever I enter the details in the repositories window I just get a spinning progress indicator.


I'm not sure if any special steps are required, I had to create extra profiles in the PC version but can not find this option in MacPlastic.


Note that the normal server that I usually use is offline at the moment so it's also possible that MacPlastic is busy trying to talk to that. I've tried changing the Configuration in preferences to the second server but that just shows Connecting for ages before timing out.


I am able to connect to the second server on the PC without issue

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multiple servers are handled by the profiles.conf file. The GUI support is still pending (will be there soon).


You can copy the profiles.conf from your windows machine to the mac one.


From: C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\plastic4\profiles.conf

To: /Users/YourUser/.plastic4/profiles.conf


Restart macplastic and now it should be able to contact with the extra servers.


As I said we'll provide GUI support soon.

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