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Semantic Merge not launching properly

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I purchased Semantic Merge a while ago and was never able to fully set it up. This is the problem I'm currently experiencing:


Whenever I Diff a file in PlasticSCM (on OSX) it opens up the "Semantic Merge Tool usage" window instead of the diff window.


I used the default SemanticMerge setting in PlasticSCM > Preferences > Diff tools.

The custom extension is set to .cs


Here's the command I'm using (default Semantic Merge setting):

"/Applications/semanticmerge.app/Contents/MacOS/semanticmerge" -s="@sourcefile" -sn="@sourcesymbolic" -d="@destinationfile" -dn="@destinationsymbolic" -i="@comparationmethod" -e="@fileencoding"


What's the problem here?

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Hi Sour!


Can you please tell us the Plastic SCM version and the SemanticMerge version you are using?


Can you please try to manually execute the following command line? You'll need to replace "source_file" and "destination_file" with the paths of two files to diff.

"/Applications/semanticmerge.app/Contents/MacOS/semanticmerge" -s="source_file" -sn="SRC" -d="destination_file" -dn="DST" -i="@comparationmethod" -e="utf8"

Tell me if it works.

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