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PowerBuilder 12.5 + Stash server (Git Repository) from atlassian


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I am looking for a GIT integration with our in-house Powerbuilder applications and we use Stash server from Atlassian as GIT repository.


I see that there is a plugin from Plastic SCM and it looks it can be integrated with PowerBuilder 12.5.


But from its pricing model, it looks it can only support to connect to Cloud GIT repository.


May I know if any professional here can advise me the Plastic SCM can offer solution on integration with our in-house GIT server ?


Any advice will be highly appreciated.



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Hi Ray,


are you forced to use Git at the server side?


You can use the Plastic SCM client to work from PowerBuilder but Plastic SCM client operations can only be understood by a Plastic SCM server, you can then synccronize a Plastic SCM server with a Git one, it would be easier if you could change the Git Server by a Plastic SCM one, keeping your git clients except for those that want to use PowerBuilder.

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