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When importing from Git with fast-import, why do I get a 'main' and 'master' branch?

Aaron K

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As suggested in the topic, when importing from Git using fast-import my repository ends up with a main, and a master branch. The master one contains all of the content that was in GIT, but the main one is empty. However when making a workspace the default branch is main so my workspaces are empty.

Of course, I can switch to 'master' and work from there, but it seems redundant to have the main branch there and I imagine it may be confusing to some of our less techy users who may need to do a little work in Plastic from time to time.

What's the standard steps to take in this situation? Can I fast import into main instead so all the changesets are there? Or do I need to merge up the master branch into main and keep master there for the history? It would be really great to tidy this up into one branch but I just want to know some best practices so that I don't screw things up.


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Hi Aaron,

well, right now we don't have a mapping functionality but what you can do is the following.

Rename the main branch into an auxiliary name.

Then rename your master branch into "main"

I'll propose the mapping "main <-> master" functionality to the dev team.



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In my opinion, the logical behavior should be for cm fast-import to import master into main and optionally accept an alternate destination for Git's master branch.

Meanwhile I have come with this script to solve this problem, modified from http://codicesoftwar...-to-github.html:

git fast-export --all -C --tag-of-filtered-object=drop --signed-tags=strip > repo.fe
cm mkrep $project@$plasticserver
cm rnbr /main@$project@$plasticserver master
cm fast-import $project@$plasticserver repo.fe
cd ..

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