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Teamcity BUILD_NUMBER format


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We are using Teamcity 6.5.6 with the PlasticSCM Plugin "SNAPSHOT-201201101716" (and the PlasticSCM Build

We set the build number for our projects to "1.00.%build.vcs.number%.{0} which should become 1.00.1234.5 if this is the 5th build and the current PlasticSCM changeset is 1234.

The problem we are seeing is that in some cases "%build.vcs.number%" is replaced with the full PlasticSCM Url (e.g. 2128@rep:CANopen@repserver:radon:8087). The problem does not occur always, but it seems to me that it occurs especially when using the "smartbranch" syntax for configuring the VCS root in teamcity.

Kind Regards,

Oliver Klemencic

Anton Paar GmbH

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