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License expired after I Installed repository from my software contractors


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I installed Plasticscm last week so that we can do version control in house.

Everything is great, but once I installed a repository from our software contrators, my license expired.

See details below.

We have a couple people who will be doing software in house and will only have 2-3 users.

Servers is up and runing, upgraded to firebird. All is well.

Created test repositories and used them. All is still good.

I had my software contractor give us copies of the 4 repositories that they created to write our code.

They have a 27 user license.

I created a blank repository with a matching name (pcapps) using the GUI. It created rep_5.plastic.fdb.

I stopped the server. plasticscd stop

deleted rep_5.plasitc.fdb

copied in the first repository from our software contractor and changed the ownership.

cp /home/sysadm/src_contractor/rep_25.plastic.fdb /opt/plasticscm/firebird_db/rep_5.plastic.fdb

chown firebird.firebird rep_5.plastic.fdb

restarted the server plasticscd start

Started the GUI and the it said my license had expired.

We are only 3 user license. How do I get my license working again, and did it expire because they have 27 user license and it is tied into the repository somehow?

Your help is appreciated.


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