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Fedora Linux installation does nothing


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Trying to install the 32bit installer on Fedora 16, the machine is 64bit but I understand that the 64bit installer doesn't work so here I am trying to install the 32bit client on a VM:

-rwxrwxrwx. 1 user user 33585372 Mar 30 09:29 PlasticSCM-

I have set the appropriate permissions on the exe and then try this (logged in a root):

[root@Storm Downloads]# ./PlasticSCM-

[root@Storm Downloads]#

As you can see it just returns, basically does nothing. Any ideas what I'm missing?

Thanks, LongTrail.

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Hi LongTrail,

we have a known issue regarding the 64bits distribution for Fedora and some centOS. The plastic client configuration wizards crashes on the start. Is this the same behavior you are facing?

The 32 bits installed should make the job. Can you check if you have a log file called " *bitrock* " in your /tmp dir?

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