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Keyboard shortcuts in VS2010


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I am struggling to find a list of keyboard shortcuts to all the Plastic SCM functions available with the Visual Studio plugin. I cannot find any in the IDE integration documentation or in the Visual Studio keyboard preference editor.

Is there a list of shortcuts somewhere?

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Accelerator keys table (only for GUI):

Checkin Alt + i

Undo changes Alt + u

Options Alt + o

Show diff / Hide diffs Alt + d

Check/Clear all Alt + c

Advanced Alt + a

Execute Alt + e

Reset query Alt + r

Clear history Alt + h

Set as default query Alt + d

Create new label... Alt + c

Create new attribute... Alt + c

Create new repository... Alt + c

Create new workspace... Alt + c

Keyboard shortcuts... Alt + kAlt + a

Legend Alt + l

Statistics Alt + s

Navigator Alt + n

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