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multiple branches targeting a single bugzilla bug


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currently I am using taskN when N is the bugzilla issue id.

what I want is to be able to create multiple branches for the same issue.

if if I handled bug 100 within task100

and a month later it turns out that there is more work to be done on the same issue I want to be able to open a branch called task100b and have the integration work the same as if it was task100.

I tried the integration script on bugzilla to accept 100[a-zA-Z]* and return the info for bug 100.

but it seems like the issue is with the client side part of the integration that does not send 100a but seems to ignore the entire bug (does not bring info from bugzilla). [probably because it does not conside task100n to follow the right pattern]

can this be patched in the plugin?

or is there any other syntax the I can enter within the prefrences-IssueTracking branch prefix that will work for this need ?

[maybe some form of a wildcard/regexp ?]



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Hi Eyal,

I'm sorry, the pattern "BranchPrefix + Number + Suffix" is not going to work since Plastic is removing the branch prefix and asking bugzilla for a issue called like the rest of the string...

Maybe you can add the improvement idea into the user voice system.

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