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  1. Sweet! I added your suggestion as a comment on the uservoice I created yesterday. https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/37766653-programatically-access-code-review-comments
  2. Because of the one-to-many relationship of a code review to its associated comments, it might be a good idea to make "review_comment" (or something similar) its own object type with review_id acting like a foreign key. Then it could be queried like: cm find review_comment where review_id = 5555555 Which would then return each associated comments of that review. Obviously wouldn't have to be exactly that, but hopefully my intent makes sense. What would be the proper channel to make this feature request?
  3. I see what you mean, but without "comment" in the format/output field, I have no way to either read the comments' contents or compare to any previous state.
  4. Hey all, Been building a fun little tool to keep our small dev team apprised of code review events in on our discord server. Currently it's able to identify newly created code reviews, changes in status and changes in assignee. The one remaining function I'd really like to add is the addition of code review comments, but I cannot find any way to access these outside the full PlasticSCM GUI. Pretty much all the other functionality works using cm find review where ... Nothing in the "cm find" documentation suggests that looking up review comments is possible, but I'm wondering if anyone
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