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  1. Hi, I think this has been resolved with updating the plasticSCM to version 10, which did over the weekend. https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/25556 Ticket i raised to get it resolved. relatively yes. Also, and i can't quite fathom from the ui whats what, but i thought i had setup this particular project to work with the centralised workflow. I assume this by the fact the workspaces repo is called MissionManager@emile@cloud and not MissionManager@local. I assumed that when i checked in my code, that this would automaticaly sync
  2. TLDR As a beginner and having had lots of teathing issues, onboarding with plastic SCM has been a less than pleasing experience and i have confidence issues with being able to use it efficiently enough for my projects. God forbid i get a merge conflict. I'd say i'm fairly ok at using version controls systems, and what follows is a very personal view (unlikely to be shared by everyone), but plastic SCM has proved to be pretty confusing. I understand the premises of the various approaches to local workspaces, working distributed and/or centralised, but i'll be damned if i
  3. Hi, I've been trying to work out why on the browser cloud page the usage details for a cloud repo were zero MB. Regardless of how many times i commited locally. Seems that what i thought i was doing wasn't in fact what i was doing. So i eventually got to a point where my sync view was setup and showed what looked like it was going to push changes to the cloud. But now i get the following error below. Note i checked the logs and there is nothing in them that suggest any error, or anything in fact relating to an unexpected error, or not being able to find a path. The logs by all accoun
  4. I mailed support as well and its a known issue for users using unity login. They suggested either a non unity account or to work from the cloud (i think that means not trying to sync a local copy).
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