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  1. I love Plastic, much better than Collaborate. Looks robust! After the initial setup, Plastic runs smooth with Unity and is intuitive. Still I'm afraid to set it up for new projects.
  2. Hello, Before check-in, I type in the input field. But if I press Shift O, instead of typing "O" it switches to Visual Studio. Alan
  3. I install form the asset store Asset Usage Finder. After installation, I try to move to my "Plugins" folder and a lot of warnings pops up. I do not understand the significance of it. Full warning message:
  4. Hello, I notice that often cloud, server and organization refer as same thing. If cloud, server, organization refers all for the same thing please choose a title name container for it. As for example inside Plastic Cloud there are "Server Organisations". And then in the app UI menu, drop down selection and buttons, stay with that one: choose "Server Organisation" name, select a "Server Organisation", Sync with one "Server Organisation" ... Thx Alan
  5. Thanks, Jaime Finat! To Developers: I really love an informative exposed descriptive title instead of few letters. Since Version control has sostitude my internal changelog, release note, software changes Readme.txt , Is important to understand what the brunch title is working like the revision history update notes does, so that for me without the need for hovering or clicking on it. Is important to exposed descriptive titles because version control is the modern history updates README.
  6. There is no copy option in the "About Plastic SCM" window to copy and past the Plastic version Plastic SCM https://www.plasticscm.com/download/releasenotes/ I'm using all UnityLTS versions: U 2018, 2019, 2020 and the 2021.1final. I do not remember in this case. But presume was using a Unity 2021.1final
  7. Hello, my name is Alan and I'm an Italo Argentinian. This is a general Plastic impression. Please, MODERATOR, move this thread to the corresponding place. I love using Plastic. Is addictive and I love to commit or make a push. I'm a new Plastic user and my nomenclature knowledge (semantic) is improving while I growing up my version control capabilities. Plastic is a robust life time saver that I can pass with my family! Collaborate is like the microwave. If you do not eat the bread after the 30s it became a stone that is not useful for cooking well. Collaborate looks cool, handy, and simple but fails when you need it. Collaborate fails as a version control in the most important main task because is just buggy. Unity Collaborate was a siren that eats you at the end. Since it fails in its intention so also the process of making a game up to the end. What can the Plastic team improve: Migrating from Unity Collaborate to Plastic is a nightmare for a new Plastic user with no Plastic experience. Plastic does not have a standard interface. Is more like a 90s creative UI approach Blender or Zbrush. It is very creative and minimalistic. Like a merge between PC interface and web. Is not using conventional positions layout interface so is not intuitive. For example: if I want to check for the update button? is there one, where to find it? since has not had a conventional layout you need to look around or press the wrong button. I press the update button on the top toolbar, it updates and destroys my project or updates Plastic SCM? Improve the website links: There is no link to this forum. I can only find this forum by googling it. The videos are old not updated. Delete the old videos or explain that that solution works only in Unity 2019, not in 2021 and adobe, etc. When you are using Plastic, the actual forum menu, as a user, is not useful at all. You need to expose in the main menu Dashboard, Migration, Forum, Video Tutorials, Ideas, new features, and hide actual features, cloud, game, devs, and other pure publicity pages. Need a more deep explanation for a novice of semantic, nomenclature meaning, structure layout, and differences between what is a repository button, workspace button, a local workspace, local repository, cloud button, etc... Especially after Collaborate migration that creates extra "Cloud" content (some time organisations and on the inspector is call "Server") on the dashboard (Dashboard/Cloud/¿¿¿organisations???/RepositoryName). In Unity Plasic SCM component, in the inspector, if we "Create a new repository" (window) there is a "Server" drop down option to choose the organisations or clouds. more consistency in the name chosen like for example "Server Organisation" can be handy. A video tutorial is need it. Economic problem: there lot of us that earn less than 100 USD a month that we are growing up and in that process click as you go, pre-loaded credit card, is a very scary approach so we just do not click at all! As an example, the migration tool. All the above create extra issues like has a not useful steep learning curve especially for how is not using it frequently at the beginning. And unconventional UI layout creates confusing false-positive bugs: with just the Ereditage presumptions problem that sometimes I assume is a bug (when it is just a UI layout problem) because usually, the quality of Unity new products was poor, especially in Collaborate. The lack of conventional layout sometimes triggers the issue that you think is a bug (for a novice user) and the solution was just elsewhere clicking an unconventional button. All my best to the team, Alan
  8. To developers: Some migration issues and fears: In https://www.plasticscm.com/movetoplastic?term=migration is missing the Collaborate link on top. From Plastic.com is difficult to find https://www.plasticscm.com/plasticscm-cloud-edition/migrate-unity-projects only googling it I press [Get Started] migration button as shown in the video youtube TKZuvPMprKg at 69seconds but several issues I add my email and pass and there is some sort of issue that is registered and it asks me to sign in. I sign in and it goes to the dashboard: https://www.plasticscm.com/dashboard It does not allow me all the steps like in the video. For example step 3, select the project to migrate. If I migrate from Unity Collaborate looks like what to migrate all? Moving all the organization. The amount of Collaborate Gb can be bigger than the free option. Migration of a single project manually I do not need the Collaborate version control data I can just start fresh in Plastic. So I want to migrate some projects instead. But there is no explanation on how to take out Collaborate from the project manually including Collaborate extra info and install fresh new Plastic When installing Plastic in Unity and creating a framework It ends up including "Library" (1Gb 100000files) and other folders inside the version control. Is this correct? And for a new user, this can be very confusing. Do we need to point the path to the project folder or to the Asset folder? I'm a new user and I presume is a bug? I can't exclude this folder because the exclusion button does not show up or hide in the drop-down menu. If I make a new Unity project, in Project Settings> Version Control, there is an error note: Not Connected, the project´s root path is not in a valid Plastic SCM workspace. And a beginner does not understand what to do with so because looks like there is an error with the root ( like is been use for another project). Thx
  9. Hello, Unfortunately, I need help. Each time I install Plastic in Unity I have so many problems. I use Collaborate in my project and I wish to take it out and pass to plastic. HOW DO I INSTALL PLASTIC IN UNITY 2020LTS AND MAKE A WORKSPACE PROPERLY? 🙃 SPOILER: I use Collaborate that was removed manually because the migration tools usually do not work. I lose control of Plastic making the installation. I install it using the package manager. Actually, I'm using Unity 2020LTS. Plastic was not working, it added the "Library" folder and it didn't give the option to ignore it. I just deleted the Version Control package using the package manager. I don't know what to do. I try to create a new workspace using Plastic SCM editor but it tells me that my path is being used.
  10. DESCRIPTION As shown in the screenshot, when pressing checkout in the inspector of a game object, since is not possible to add the text, is not possible to check in using this window. Environment Windows
  11. The text overlaps and covers the branch. For a new user is hard to understand, find and select the branch. By the way if the info pops up (image right) that the Comments text is more visible and if possible on top in first place.
  12. Ok, now Plastic change the UI component in the Unity inspector. Buttons and text field on bottom. But is going up and down when the uploading progress bar is shown. A fixed progress bar on bottom make sense. Usually in Unity, buttons in the Inspector are static and collapsed on top as tools (For example Prefab component). So in that particular case was make sense on top. Especially using a 4k or 8k monitors. The Plastic component is so tall in some cases that text input filed is too far down. Since Unity and Plastic are now the same company, Make sense to us the Unity footer to show the uploading progress bar when submitting. Or in Unity Plastic component, when checking is press, the Input field convert switching into uploading progress bar with the same height. Actual: Suggestion:
  13. You can try this: Start a new project using the Karting demo in Unity 2020LTS Rename the folder Karting/Scenes to Karting/_Scenes Actual: a message can pop up in console If not, give me instructions so that I can upload a smaller version of my project.
  14. I'm very new to Plastic I do not know how but: Do you whant me to submit my project so that you can debug?
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