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Cannot proceed with merge

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I'm trying to checkin some changes and deletes. It brings up a merge window. This is ok since someone else made some changes recently and understandably I have to do a merge.

I click Merge Now.

I'm then delivered to the merge conflict window. It says "The merge search has finished. No merges have been detected.", but if I go press Process all merges, nothing happens. Closing the window just allows me to start this process all over again. I tried changing the merge options and clicking Recalculate merge anytime I made a change but I haven't been able to make it show any conflicts or otherwise allow me to proceed.

The other person's commit is over some files I didn't change so it should auto-merge just fine.

Is this somehow intended behavior or a bug?

If it is a bug, what can I do to move forward?

A screenshot is attached.


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Sorry for the delay.

Let's see, there's something weird in there, definitely.

Now, let's try to figure out how to solve it.

1- You're trying to checkin and you can't, it basically means somebody is working on the same branch you're working on. Try to update instead of checkin. It should run a "merge update", bring the new changes (if they do not collide) and let you checkin. Let me know if it works.

2- If it doesn't, then try the following: shelve your pending changes (it is a new feature in 4.1), then update, then apply the shelve. http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/02/shelving-stashing-introduced.html

Let me know if it works.

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