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Evil twin conflict resolution

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I have a question about evil twin conflict resolution. First I quote from here: http://www.plasticsc...developers.html

Evil twin variations

Evil twins happen when an item with the same name (file or directory) is added in two parallel branches.

  • /test/testreport.txt is added on /fix130
  • /test/testreport.txt is added on /fix131

They may, or may not, refer to the same file (they can be totally different files under the same name), so the merge system detects it and lets the user select how to rename one of them.

Alternatively, the algorithm can treat them as the same item (like Git, which is unable to track items by ID as a design decision) and merge them. An evil twin can also happen if two files are moved to the same destination on parallel branches, making more explicit the need for a specific handling.

What others do

Always merge the two files directly (which is only SOMETIMES the best option).

How can I choose merge those two files/directories? The conflict resolution dialog offers me to keep one of them or both, but there is no merge option!

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Oh. That's really bad. :-(

As it is written in the article: it is sometimes the best option! I know, that only sometimes, but still – you ignore those cases.

Is it possible to add this functionality or it is somehow against your philosophy?

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