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New public release


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Hey there!

you have the available!

We are back with the PowerBuilder plugin!!! :)

But for all the new stuff visit the blog post -> http://t.co/lMU9Olqr

External Release (Nov 12th 2012)



Annotate view available from the History view and the Repository

browser view.


Installer: Removed the "migration from version 3 to 4" message, as it

is not useful anymore.


It was not possible to annotate a locally deleted item; the item was

not found. Now this case is supported.


The update merge operation was updating wrongly the revisions of the

xlinked repositories. This scenario led to weird results when trying

a merge operation (with changes inside these xlinked repositories)

afterwards. Fixed.


The items view mode (list, tree) was changed in an items view instance

if you changed the items view mode A in other items view B instance

and then refreshed A. Fixed.


Replica progress dialog aesthetic issue regarding a cut label fixed.


SCC Plugin: The "Get" operation has been fixed on the SCC plugin. It

was not correctly implemented, and this was only noticeable when using

the plugin in PowerBuilder, apparently. Fixed.

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Hi Manu,

Maybe integrate it with the web-interface (or offer it as a separate install). And be able to create issues from the plasticscm client too. Currently it's more a kind of linking to already present issues (if my memory is correct).

My user-voice points are all used, so someone else should do it.


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