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Query changes to files matching name pattern


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I'm trying to find all revisions or changesets that affects files with names matching a specific pattern (in this case files that contain the word "crate" or "Crate").


This will list revisions of all files like expected:

cm find revision

12       9/22/2016 4:53:09 PM txt aharris  c:\Users\abyrd\wkspaces\<project>\ProjectSettings\AudioManager.asset#br:/main#1   


And this will show the 'item' field

cm find revision --format={item}



Yet this will not find any results

cm find revision where item='%AudioManager%'

Total: 0


How do I perform this query correctly?

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you can use the find revs command and pipe the result to the grep or FINDSTR commands

c:\Users\manu\eclipse\tests\org.eclipse.rap.ui.tests.harness>cm find revision | FINDSTR VerifyDialog
45       11/28/2016 1:41:57 PM txt mlucio   c:\Users\manu\eclipse\tests\org.eclipse.rap.ui.tests.harness\src\org\eclipse\ui\tests\internal\util\VerifyDialog.java#br:/main#1



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