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Jenkins - Build only if SCM Changes


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We have setup a Jenkins CI server to build our projects daily, and we don't want Jenkins to build a project daily if it has no SCM changes since the last build.

We used to add "Multijob Plugin" which can run parametized builds with the option "Build only if SCM changes".

However, this plugin sometimes seems not to work, and we don't know why (seems to be a deadlock on the master node), and we came back to "classic" job.

This job doesn't have any parameter to make Jenkins build only if there are SCN changes.


Would it be possible for you Plastic guys to add this feature to your Jenkins plugin ? I guess it would be available only is "Use update" parameter is selected.


Thanks for your support ;)


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In the Jenkins plugin, you can configure the Build triggers. In this example select Poll SCM. This will poll the selected SCM periodically to check for any changes to build. Set up the schedule by entering it into the Schedule text box:

H/30 * * * *

This would poll the SCM every 30 minutes.

I guess this is not what you need in your environment?

Please check this blog post for more information and an extended example:


Best regards,


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