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Jenkins plugin 2.17 fails due to cm wi before workspace has been created

Christian Southgate

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Hi - I updated to PlasticSCM plugin 2.17 on Jenkins, and it fails at the beginning of the build, because it tries to execute a cm wi command on a workspace that doesn't exist yet:

13:33:04 Started by user Jenkins
13:33:04 [EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables.
13:33:04 Building in workspace /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS
13:33:04 [WS-CLEANUP] Deleting project workspace...
13:33:04 [WS-CLEANUP] Done
13:33:04 [WildscapesiOSDev] $ /usr/local/bin/cm wi "/Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev" --machinereadable --fieldseparator=def#_#sep
13:33:04 /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev is not in a workspace.
13:33:05 [WildscapesiOSDev] $ /usr/local/bin/cm wi "/Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev" --machinereadable --fieldseparator=def#_#sep
13:33:05 /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev is not in a workspace.
13:33:06 [WildscapesiOSDev] $ /usr/local/bin/cm wi "/Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev" --machinereadable --fieldseparator=def#_#sep
13:33:07 /Users/jenkins/.jenkins/workspace/Wildscapes iOS/WildscapesiOSDev is not in a workspace.
13:33:07 FATAL: The cm command 'wi' failed after 3 retries
13:33:07 ERROR: null
13:33:07 Archiving artifacts
13:33:07 Finished: FAILURE

This is running on Mac OSX. I've reverted back to plugin version 2.14 for now, and that works fine.

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We have released a new version of the Jenkins plugin.

Version 2.18

  • The "{workspace-path} is not in a workspace" error was thrown, the next time that a build was ran after the workspace was removed. Fixed.
  • The find changeset operation was performed to a wrong branch when a different branch value was specified than the default one for parameterized builds. Fixed.

Best regards,

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