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Custom "Open with" options in Gluon


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I was wondering if it is possible to be able to get similar Open With functionality from Plastic SCM over to Gluon? The ability to be able to define custom "Open with" targets would be indispensable for our work.

For example, Autodesk Maya's versions are frustratingly difficult to configure with Windows 10 (only one option appears in the Default Apps settings), and this would configure ALL Maya files to open with that one version. We require the ability to be flexible and open files with different versions of Maya for different projects (based on when that project kicked off, therefore maintaining project compatibility).
It'd be amazing if the Custom "Open with" options were available within Gluon for our artists, or the ability to set those options within Plastic SCM and have it carry over to the Gluon interface.

This might be possible already? I'm just unable to find it.

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