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Continue a pending merge (link)


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I'm having some trouble getting a merge to finish.


  1. I went to check-in my local changes, and received a pop-up asking me to merge. 
  2. I clicked merge, then processed the changes
  3. During this processing, I received a number of error windows
    1. cannot perform an exclusive lock on the same item (this also duplicated all of the files in the project with (name_conflict) amended to the file name
    2. cannot retrieve licence information from plastic scm server (this has since been resolved)
  4. I then tried shelving the changes as suggested here (https://forum.plasticscm.com/topic/20298-checkin-operation-cannot-be-started-because-there-is-a-merge-in-progress/) and got: the shelve operation is not currently available in the cloud server
  5. My pending changes window is now cluttered with a mix of my pending changes, and a mix of things part merged via the merge tool. 
    1. I'm unable to choose which files to undo
    2. I'm unable to check the files in
    3. The only thing i haven't tried doing (as far as i'm aware), is undoing the changes; i'm not sure if this will undo ALL of the changes, or just the changes from the merge

My question is:

How can I continue the merge process?


On the pending changes screen, i can see: 1 pending merge link(s) Pending merge links will be commited when you checkin your changes or reverted if you undo your changes



Any help would be greatly appreciated


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I wanted to push my changes. I couldn't do it, because there were newer changesets. I wanted to update, but the merge was required. I wanted to merge, but the merge couldn't be completed due to what it seems are "info" level warnings. It's absurd. I will have to manually backup my changed files and revert both merge and my changes.

Please tell me I can do it "correctly", as such deadlock should not happen in any VCS.



Merge that cannot be completed (hitting apply does nothing):





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Thanks, next time I will definitely contact you with this e-mail, forum is too slow :D

For now I "fixed" it by manually backing up my files and reverting all changes. Sadly, I couldn't pull the remote branch first, as the merge was required and the merge couldn't be completed because of reasons (picture from my previous post).



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