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Automating workflow with jira and mergebots


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I'm currently setting up plastic and wanted to automate parts of the workflow between jira and plastic. 

I've looked into mergebot(trunkbot), and it looked like a perfect fit : when a jira task is put as validated/done, mergebot sees this and tries to merge the branch to /main.

Except, trunkbot seems to only checks branches attributes, and not the jira state, even though the setup part of the bot seems to indicate that it should poll for jira status?

Am I missing something with the setup, or wrongly setup something?

Or does it need some extra steps to link all together?

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Regarding the mergebot configuration, I guess you have followed the steps from:


Also, I guess you have filled all the "Issue Tracker Integration" values in the form and also created the plug.

The mergebot is monitoring the branch attributes. For instance, once the branch has the attribute status=resolved, it will also check the status value in the JIRA task to check if it's ready to be merged. 



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Yeah I followed this blog post. And if jira isn't linked to it then it's working as intended.

But if jira is linked then the bot either stops doing anything(if no jira task is linked to the branch), or fails, so I guess I made some kind of mistake while setting it up.

Does the jira plug need to have the full path to the project, or only the root path?

Can I find some logs related to these bots somewhere to dig into that?

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