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Can't move changesets to new branches


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Hi there. We've recently moved to the Cloud edition from Team, and I've just run into an unexpected problem: we can't move a changeset into a new branch.

We use branch per task, but sometimes we'll test if we actually do need to make changes from the main branch. That means if it's a quick fix I'll sometimes forget to create a new branch before making the change, and might even check it in before realising I haven't created a new branch. Under Team that wasn't a problem as I can just move the changeset to a new branch. But when I tried it in Cloud I was told it wasn't supported yet.

I then thought I'd just recreate the change in a new branch and copy the code to that, before deleting the changeset in main since it was at the head, but apparently deleting changesets *also* isn't yet supported in the Cloud edition.

These both seem like fairly common and not overly complicated operations, so I'm really surprised and disappointed we can no longer do it. Is there an ETA for when these features are going to be added, or will the Cloud edition *never* support them? I was lucky that I discovered this on a quiet work day because I can imagine it being more of an issue another day with changes accidentally making their way into main branch before they've been properly reviewed.

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