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Changing revision type not available in cloud, any work around?

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I changed my project from binary serialization to 'forced text'. All my assets are now text. Based on the error message "Changing the revision type is not currently available in the cloud server", it seems my only option is the start a new cloud repo, is this correct?


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Hi @Danny,

Please check the following feature:

filetypes.conf is now used for diffs and merges to check if a file is binary or text.

Until now, the filetypes.conf configuration file was only used by the "add operation" to set newly added files as binary or text. 
From now on it will be used to determine if a file is binary or text before running diffs or merges.
Example: suppose scene.config was wrongly added as binary. You can now configure filetypes.conf to consider scene.config as text, so the right text-based diff and merge tool will be selected instead of considering the "bin type" tracked for the file in the repo.
1. This is really useful when you are working with Plastic Cloud, since changing revision types is not allowed there.
2. Our goal is to get rid of the bin/txt tracking as metadata in the repo, and rely only on filetypes.conf.

You can configure a "filetypes.conf" and this way, you shouldn't need to start a new repo from scratch.



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