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Plastic keeps asking for my encryption key.

Marc S

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This is an issue I've had more than once and that keeps getting back.

I'm currently reverting to a changeset and plastic keeps asking for the encryption key. I see on the progress bar that it works but then it asks for it again and again. I have no idea if I it doesn't recognize the key or if it's unable to memorize it.

In any case I'm stuck because I can't humanly spend days entering that key hoping it might work.

Can somebody help with this?


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If I properly understand, you can switch to most of the branches/changesets with no issues (your encryption key is properly recognized) but when you switch to a specific changeset, you are requested to enter the key again and again?

It sounds like this specific changeset was created with the wrong encryption key so you current key cannot decrypt the data and that's why you are requested to enter it again and again.

Is it only happening to one specific changeset?



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