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Forum Feedback: Had major problems signing up

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I just wasted a good half hour of my time, extremely frustrated because of the forum sign up.  It wanted me to prove I was human by entering the "Current Major Version number of PlasticSCM" but nothing I gave it based on the knowledge I had seemed to work.  After a good half hour of searching for the answer and trying various things I gave up, then later came back and got asked a different question.  If I had known I could have gotten a different question I would have done that straight away but anyway, point is why the heck do you ask a question that can't be easily answered? It was so infuriating!

According to the Download page, and the About PlasticSCM in the mac app, the current version is but no variation of that, or 8, or 8.0, or ANYTHING would work.


Arg.  Drove me nuts.

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Sorry about that.

We initially did it because we had a lot of SPAM attacks but you are right, we are going to make it easier.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.


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