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Did a GitSync on a new workspace but nothing showed up


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I created a new workspace on my Plastic Cloud.  I then did a sync with Git from a GitHub project, public repo.  Plastic worked for about 5 minutes and showed progress, then completed successfully.  However absolutely nothing showed up in my workspace.  I tried refreshing the branch explorer; nothing.  I restarted plastic GUI; nothing.  I then looked at the workspace on disk and it is empty (except for the ,plastic directory).  

So I tried to do the Gitsync again and Plastic said there is nothing more to sync.  So it seems to think it has synced, but I have nothing!

Not really sure what to do from here.  Basically I am trying to clone a Github repo as a Plastic workspace so that I can then xlink to it for use in another Plastic workspace (The Github project is a library).

The Github repo I am trying to sync from is mine, and public, but it is a fork from another user.  I wonder if that might be causing problems?


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If you drive to the branch explorer, could you edit the date range? There maybe be old branches that are being filtered by the default date filter.

You can also take a look into the changesets/branches views.

If you drive to the "Workspace explorer" and click "Update workspace",  isn't it nothing to update in the "/main" branch?



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Ahh good call! I didn't even think about that, since I was doing it "today" and the fact that there were no files on disk.  After changing the data back I found the data in branch explorer and just had to switch to the latest changeset.  Apparently after the git sync it stays on the original changeset.

All good now thanks!

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