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Syncing to submodules which don't exist anymore.


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I would like to sync to a fork of Unity's ScriptableRenderPipeline but I am running into problems. The repo does not have any submodules at the moment but as Plastic will also sync to the history it does ask about a number of submodules which it had in the past.  

From my understanding I have to create repos for the individual submodules, sync them and add information about the submodules in the gitsync.conf. I might be already off there, this is my first attempt git-syncing anything. Some of the submodules however do not exists anymore and I am unsure how to procede here. 

It would be best to ignore the submodules altogether. I'd be very grateful for any hint in the right direction.

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The "gitsync.conf" file can ignore xlink/submodule entries based on the repository name or the git url. To configure them, we just need to add the following entries in the gitsync.conf file, in the submodules section.


ignore.xlinkRepository = xlinked
ignore.submoduleUrl = git://server/gitUrl.git


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