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Restrict changes to New Branches Only?

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We are working with external dev's, and just want them to upload any new changes to a unique branch as to not disturb the main.  This way we can merge it ourselves as needed.

Is this possible?  Or is there any way that we can work this so they can only Add and not remove anything?

We have adjusted permissions, but it seems to not actually do anything.  For example we created an EXTERNAL_DEV group and DENIED every single option.  But once logged in as someone in this group we were still able to do everything that an Admin could.


Thanks in advance

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Hi John!

First thing is to prevent the "/main" branch modification by those users. You can right click the "/main" branch -> permissions -> Add the EXTERNAL_DEV group and deny the "ci" permission. From that moment they will not be able to touch the /mian branch.

This example goes a little bit further: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/security/plastic-scm-version-control-security-guide#Preventchangesonabranch it presents more operations such us creating new branches which is too much for your case.

You said you tried to deny all the permissions, but for which object? Can you give me more information?

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