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Why is there no Unreal forum? / Getting started with Unreal


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The Unreal documentation for Plastic is really lacking. I'm kind of shocked to find no Unreal forum on this board. I'm trying to figure out how to use PlasticSCM cloud with my first Unreal project and am stuck at trying to figure out what the URL is for my cloud workspace. It would help if i could ask in an Unreal forum.

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I can't speak to the existence (or lack thereof) of an Unreal forum, but my experience when using Plastic Cloud with Unreal is that I have never needed to add an actual URL anywhere. Perhaps you can provide a bit more background?

My experience is as follows:

I have begun by creating a repository for the game in Plastic Cloud. I have done this through the Plastic SCM client. The organization identifier is 'companyname@cloud', and the repository identifier is 'gamename@companyname@cloud'.

After that, I have created a workspace on my local machine. I have typically done this via the Plastic SCM client (as I have intended to use that client to work against the repository). Here, I typically need to enter 'companyname@cloud' in at least one place when I browse for the list of existing repositiories. The workspace identifier is then 'C:\folder_where_workspace_is_located'.  Here, if I had wanted to work on the project using Gluon and its simplified workflows, I would also have created the workspace using Gluon instead.

After that, I have created an UE4 project in 'C:\folder_where_workspace_is_located', or copied in an existing project.

After that, I have added an 'ignore.conf' file to the workspace root folder, and listed files/folders that should not be added to source control. The syntax of the file is similar to .gitignore files.

After that, I have launched the Unreal Editor, and opened the .uproject. UE has initially been in source control disabled mode. Sometimes I choose to activate it; then I select "Connect to source control...", I select Plastic SCM, and accept the defaults (the plugin figures out which folder is the workspace root, and what user I am authenticating as against Plastic Cloud).

After that, I have checked in Plastic SCM (or Gluon) to see, if the list of files-to-be-added looks sensible, and continued to iterate on ignore.conf until no temp files/folders are visible in the list. Then I'd shut down the Unreal Editor, and submit the project including the ignore.conf file.

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Thanks for asking, those are legitimate questions that every newcomer might face: see also the Unreal Engine dedicated section of the forum.

(Answering this old one for anyone else landing here with the same question, from a search on the forum, Google etc)


 As far as I know, the plugin isn't needed anymore because PlasticSCM is integrated directly into Unreal, right?

As stated in the plugin's documentation, "This is the official Plastic SCM Source Control Provider plugin for Unreal Engine 4 & 5 (UE 4.11 to 4.27, and UE 5.0). An old version of it has been integrated in Unreal Engine 4.24 and is shipping with it since then (equivalent to 1.4.6+). But if you have a project of a certain size, chances are you need to upgrade manually to a version we provide from Github in order to benefit of all the performance improvements we have made since then."


how to use PlasticCloud with UE4.

It is in fact described quickly through a screenshot on how to create a workspace on the cloud 
Source Control Login window - create a new workspace on cloud

This documentation is evolving, based on the questions we get and internal reviews, so it was probably not as clear at that time.



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