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Automatically Sync with Git on Checkin?


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Hey all,

Basically the title. I'm looking for a way to automatically sync with git any time a checkin is done with PlasticSCM. It's not a big deal for me to manually hit the sync button, but we have a few team members who I suspect will forget to do this regularly and I don't want to have to do big sync jobs every time I remember to do it.

So, is there any way to do this?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Carlos

I'm trying to do the same and when run the sync command (at this point manually) I get the following warning (?): 

cm sync "rep:_test@server:8087" git git://server/_test

The branch /main has more than one head. Please merge it to be able to continue synchronizing

when I check the git repo, it seems to be sync with latest changes.


Am I doing something wrong? is it a false warning? 

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