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Unable to View Jira Issues in Plastic Client

Tom Clifton

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I am having issues getting the JIRA extension working with Plastic SCM. I was initially following the documentation found here but this forum post suggests that that documentation is out of date. I am not sure whether I am facing the same issues described in that post though so thought I should create a new one.

Our teams Jira setup is using their Next Gen projects (which is not documented in the documentation linked above). To get around the issue mentioned in the forum post linked above, I have setup a short text field and named it Plastic SCM. This looks like:


In Preferences->Issue Trackers I have the following settings:

- Bind to issue tracking system: Atlassian JIRA

- Apply binding to: Repositories

- Bind issues to plastic branches

- Branch prefix: jira_


- Resolved Issue States: Done

- Issue Types: Bug, Task, Story

- REST URL: /rest/api/2/

- TASK URL: /browse/

I have my connection details as well and when I select "Test connection" the dialog tells me that my connection was successful. However when attempting to select a task from the branches window I only see the following empty view:



I've taken a look at the log files but can't find any obvious errors in there. I have tried using a specific project Id instead of multiple projects and also used the JIRA REST API to get the custom field id and tried to set that but nothing I do seems to get this to work. I would greatly appreciate any help on getting this setup as this would be a useful integration for my team.

Thanks in advance,



Some more information:
OS: Windows 10

Plastic SCM Client:

Example Task:


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- We have recently updated the guide: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/extensions/plastic-scm-version-control-task-and-issue-tracking-guide#Client-configuration-JIRA-Parameters



Important for Next-gen projects

Next-gen projects do not support this field.
Leave the Custom Field ID blank to have the checkin info added as a comment.


For Next-Gen projects, you can't use a custom field. So don't create a custom a field and leave the "Custom Field ID" empty. This way, the checkin information will be logged as a comment in your JIRA task.

- But the problem you are reporting is different: when you create a task branch in Plastic, the query to get the list of JIRA tasks is empty, right? Could you attach your client log (plastic.debug.log.txt) and the estimated time when you run the operation so we can review the query and any potential error?




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Hi Carlos,

That's great, thanks for updating the documentation. I had understood that was the case from the other forum posts I found though so have left the Custom Field ID blank.

Yes the specific issue I am having is that the Jira tasks do not appear in the Atlassian JIRA Extension pane in the branches tab. I have attached some logs from the plastic.debug.log.txt file. I selected the refresh button on that pane at about 11.03 (towards the end of the logs) but cannot see anything relevant to JIRA in there.



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Checking the logs, I don't see Plastic GUi even querying for the JIRA tasks:

Are you selecting these options when creating the branch in the GUI?


If you have a commertial license, you can opena  support ticket and we can arrange a GoToMeeting to review your setup.





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