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TeamCity suddenly hangs when trying to connect to Plastic cloud


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My TeamCity setup with PlasticSCM Cloud Edition has been running fine over the past couple of weeks, but suddenly, without me changing anything about the configuration, TeamCity no longer connects to Plastic. I would have expected some kind of concrete error, but instead, all operations simply hang. For example, when starting a build configuration, it runs "collecting changes" forever, or when I enter the VCS configuration settings and click on "Test Connection", the progress indicator just spins forever.

I verified that my Gluon instance on the same machine, running under the same user, has no issues connecting to Plastic cloud.

However, I can't get TeamCity to connect again. The only hint about what might be going wrong is this snippet from the log (see the attached file).

Is says: 

Caused by: com.codicesoftware.plastic.core.PlasticException: There was a problem between the IDE and Plastic SCM communication through the console: The pipe is being closed

I'm not really sure how to further investigate this. TeamCity logs no further errors, other than ThreadDumps about hanging operations, but they don't contain any exceptions, error or anything specific about Plastic.


Any ideas how I can get more information about what is going wrong?


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- Please copy your "C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\plastic4\client.conf" in your TeamCity machine (and all your potential build nodes) to the client binaries folder: "C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client". This way, we will be sure that all the machine users will be able to run "cm" commands.

- Enable the "cm.log.conf" log in the TeamCity machine so we can review the commands the Plastic client is running:




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Thanks for those pointers! I've moved to configs, makes sense to have them there in the future, but it didn't help. I then enabled the log, but it didn't show any errors. However, since I needed to get it working again fast, I uninstalled the PlasticSCM plugin and reinstalled it in TeamCity, which solved the issue. Maybe the installation just was corrupted somehow, but now everything is working again fine.

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