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Non-attending install of Plastic SCM CLI on Windows Server

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Is it possible to install Plastic SCM CLI on Windows Server 2019 without required user interaction?

It is about the full task: I need compose the Docker image with Jenkins agent that runs on Windows Server, and is able to checkout code from Cloud Plastic SCM server. I started from jenkins/agent:jdk11-windowsservercore-ltsc2019. As I understand, I need cm.exe that is the CLI executable file. But I can't find any info how to add it to Dockerfile.  



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The windows installer has some parameters to perform an unattended installation. Try the following:

<installerFile>.exe --mode unattended --unattendedmodeui none

You can execute <installerFile>.exe --help to view full options.

Then you can configure cm.exe in an unattended way using the tool clconfigureclient.exe, located in the client install dir.

C:\wks\code\01plastic\bin\client>clconfigureclient.exe --help
Invalid parameter: --help

USAGE: clconfigureclient [--language=language --workingmode=mode [AuthParameters] --server=server [--port=port]] [--clientconf=clientconfpath]

  * Available languages:

      en (English)
      es (Spanish)

  * Available users/security working modes:

      NameWorkingMode (Name)
      NameIDWorkingMode (Name + ID)
      LDAPWorkingMode (LDAP)
      ADWorkingMode (Active Directory)
      UPWorkingMode (User and password)

      * Auth parameters (only for LDAPWorkingMode and UPWorkingMode):

  * File path used to create the configuration file (optional)

      Argument can be a full path, a filename or a directory.


      (Specified path will be used to create the client configuration file)

      (File myclient.conf inside default config directory will be used)

      (Default filename, client.conf, in specified directory will be used)

  * Example:

      clconfigureclient \
          --language=en \
          --workingmode=LDAPWorkingMode \
          --user=jack \
          --password=01234 \
          --server=plastic.mymachine.com \
          --port=8084 \

      (port optional for Cloud servers)

Hope it helps.

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You may find the install scripts in https://github.com/falldamagestudio/JenkinsAutomation/tree/master/Plastic to be useful. We used these about 2-3 years ago when installing Plastic SCM (and configuring it to authenticate against a Cloud organization) on a Jenkins agent that was running on a Windows VM.

Parts of it are still good. Other things (like the embedded "this is the version to download" + URL, and the manual wrangling of client.conf/profiles.conf) are messy and there may be better ways of accomplishing it these days.

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