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There has been an unexpected error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object....."


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Just managed to get Plastic SCM working and migrated my github repo into a cloud repo on Plastic.

Steps I did:

  1. Set up git sync to clone repo from github into empty Plastic SCM Cloud repo
  2. Removed git sync attribute and related files since I want to permanently switch to Plastic
  3. Removed some git related files(.gitignore, readme.md) and did a checkin
  4. Wanted to sync to cloud and figure out how distrubuted workflow works exactly
  5. Got this error(screenshot attached)

Other than not knowing why this is happening I am new to Plastic and not that experienced with git either.

I have another smaller question and that is how do I exactly know where my code is when working with a distributed workflow, i.e. Which status means what in the workspace explorer, and why are my push visible/pull visible buttons not available to click in the sync to cloud tab, is it due to the error?

Just want to have a sanity check to make sure my code is being "remoted to the cloud" and not just being stored locally.


Thank you,



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Okay, recurring pattern here!

I made a forum post asking for help with an issue and then managed to somewhat fix it on my own.

What was the issue:

1. My encryption key was correct, I was worried I mistyped it the first time

2. My connection profile was set up in a weird way, due to me messing around with it previously. Now it's org@cloud, automatic, SSO autheticated

3. That allowed me to sync to the cloud

4. After that I had to fix a weird merge issue that was created by importing from github, but it's good now!


Also, my worry about what push/pull exactly does as well as being able to see if everything has been uploaded to the cloud is solved, as I found out how it works and looks once I managed to get it working.

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3 hours ago, Héber said:
I'm glad to hear it is working now. 
Can you share a bit more on how your connection profile was set? 

I do not have the old configuration written down or memorized, but as far as I remember I enabled SSL previously for some unknown reason to me.

Totally messed up on my end.

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An Object is an instance of a Class , it is stored some where in memory. A reference is what is used to describe the pointer to the memory location where the Object resides. The message "object reference not set to an instance of an object" means that you are referring to an object the does not exist or was deleted or cleaned up. It's usually better to avoid a NullReferenceException than to handle it after it occurs. To prevent the error, objects that could be null should be tested  before being used.

if (mClass != null)
  // Go ahead and use mClass
  mClass.property = ...
  // Attempting to use mClass here will result in NullReferenceException

A NullReferenceException typically reflects developer error and is thrown in the following scenarios:

  • Forgotten to instantiate a reference type.
  • Forgotten to dimension an array before initializing it.
  • Is thrown by a method that is passed null.
  • Get a null return value from a method, then call a method on the returned type.
  • Using an expression to retrieve a value and, although checking whether the value is null.
  • Enumerating the elements of an array that contains reference types, and attempt to process one of the elements.


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