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Search for deleted files and undelete in GUI


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The commandline has the cm undelete command which is able to locate and restore a specific file that was deleted. I would like to have the same option but using the GUI client:

  • Find a file that is no longer part of the workspace and repository (because it was deleted/removed and the changeset was checked in some time ago)
  • Undelete/restore the file to the current workspace and show it in the pending changes tab

I know about subtractive merge, which already helps fixing larger mistakes on per-changeset level, but I noticed that in my team we often have much smaller mistakes such as a deleted file, but the changeset that deleted it also contains 50 other deleted files which I don't want to restore. So it would be perfect to do this on a per-file level. Ideally, the history would be kept alive as with subtractive merge, but if that doesn't work, it would be good enough to at least re-introduce the file without any history.

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