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Windows Plastic Client Ui - How do I copy a branch name?


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There are times when I want to copy the name of a branch. Either to paste into a build ui, or send to a team member.

The UI seems to go out of it's way to make this difficult as even though branch names are shown, they are never select-able, and as far as Ive seen there is no right click "Copy branch name" as you might find in a git client.

Not a huge deal, but this is just super frustrating sometimes. Has anyone worked out an easy way to copy a branch name?


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Thanks for the response Carlos, but not quite.

The string I'd be wanting is the full branch name: main/release3.8.5. The textbox only contains release3.8.5 which is useless for any cli tools. And yet just 20 pixels above, I can see the full path, but it's not selectable!

Even if that worked it would still not be as good a UX as I'd hope. It is several clicks away from the screen I am usually looking at (Branch Explorer). Being able to right click > Copy Branch name in the Branch Explorer would be ideal.






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No, that doesn't sound useful.

The use case is that I'm working in the UI. I find a branch that I want to build. I want to copy that branch name so I can paste it in as a parameter in Team City.

Or maybe I want to tell a team member what branch they should be on. Copy, paste.




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