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Multiple 'Deleted Items' after fetching new project


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I have started using PlasticSCM yesterday after years of using Git for my projects. I started with a project that was already started, added Plastic and checkedin the whole project. So far, so good. Today, I get my partner to add the project to their computer, this seems to work except for a long list of 'Deleted Items'. These deleted items can not be undone. Once the undo command is clicked they come back (to the deleted files section) immediately. Through the windows File Explorer, I tried to recreate or copy these files from my previous git project, but they are immediately destroyed. I tried fetching the project on my own computer, and the same files have been deleted. So we might have a 100% repro here.

So I would expect there to be zero local changes when fetching a new project, but seeing deleted files is really weird. As a note, these deleted files include scripts which is now making it impossible to finish opening Unity.

We are using Unity 2022.1.16f1 with Plastic plugin version 1.17.16.

Thank you for helping, and if you need more info, please ask.

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