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Problems when performing GitSync


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Hi there!


Long time no see! :)


I was trying to import a repo from git and trying to get my way back to plastic as a git client while we don't have a Cloud host for plastic :)

But I had an strange issue, never saw this message before...

Here's the print.




The author of the commit is working on Windows 8.1 as I'm, which makes the error message a little bit strange.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi cidico!! :)


the error is a little bit generic, I can tell you for sure the reason.


The good point is that is if a commit can't be imported the operation fails, that leaves the repo in a stable point.


If now it's working I think the repo has everything fine inside it.


You can try enabling the plastic.log.conf log file and if it happens again we can take a look into it.


You can also try to sync an empty plastic repo and pull all the remote history in order to see if we can reproduce the error, if you can reproduce the error maybe you can generate the fast-export nodata package and send it to us.

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