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questions about gitsync


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Is it possible to automatically gitsync after one check-in changes? Or should I use trigger with a cm command?

If when replicating instead of check-in changes? Will the check-in trigger trigger?

And also, what if one check-in changes trigger the gitsync. But another check-in changes comes while the previous gitsync is not finished?

Because we previously using hipchat with stash for internal notification and similar stuffs. It would be great for gitsync automation.

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Hello Seto,


you can automate it using triggers. Push the new plastic commits into git using the gitsync through the command line ("cm sync" command).


I think git will reject the second operation meanwhile is attending to the first one. But I'm not 100% sure.

It will behave the same as two clients doing a push at the same time.

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