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[Gluon] Possible to override incoming changes?

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We're trying to switch some of our users over to Gluon, but there is one specific scenario that I can't see being supported and is making me cautious.


I understand that Gluon is intended to work along with exclusive locking. However, say there is one type of file you don't want to lock. In that case, if Gluon user A checks out that file, and then Gluon user B checks out that same file, edits it, and checks it in, user A's file will be out of date.


As I understand it, Gluon approach to this is that user A will have to undo his changes, update and then re-do his work. Is there any way in Gluon that user A can say "no, overwrite user B's changes, mine are more important"?


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I already got the question answered, so I'll just post the answer here in case anyone wonders the same thing


"I’m afraid that gluon is not able to perform as you wish for that certain scenario. Head changes are supposed to be more important and local changes are supposed to not to happen in parallel, Gluon is very dependent on the locking system as avoiding merge operations was one of the main Gluon motivations."

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