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Firebird under Linux


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I struggled a bit with getting plastic working with Firebird under Linux, so I thought I'd post the Caramilk secret in hopes it might save someone else some time.

First off, it is unclear whether the embedded db is included (it is not, Plastic uses SQLLite now).

So, the first step is to install Firebird.

The Plastic administrator's guide says:

To use Firebird, create a file called db.conf, with this content:





which, of course, does not work.

The correct config is:





ServerType=0;Server=localhost;Port=3050;User=ozzy;Password=harriet;Database={0};Pooling=true;Connection Timeout=120;Connection Lifetime=1200;



Also, the directory /path/to/myRepositoryStore must be writable by the firebird user, so:

chown firebird.firebird /path/to/myRepositoryStore

Once you have made these changes, restart Plastic, and you should see a firebird database (fdb file) appear in /path/to/myRepositoryStore

I hope this is helpful.

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Very useful!

I'm afraid the doc you found works for Windows only.

The "embedded" on Linux is not a good option (it doesn't work, ok, it does but Firebird crashes with more than one thread). That's why we used to package a Firebird build, but we switched to SQLite a few months ago.

Question: don't we say SQLite is the default and only used for eval purposes during the install? Maybe we only say it if you run the installer in GUI mode.

Check this: http://www.plasticscm.com/infocenter/technical-articles/kb-plastic-scm-database-backend-migrating-sqlite-to-mysql.aspx, what we're missing is something similar but for SQLite to Firebird :)


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You did say sqlite is embedded for evaluation.

When I am evaluating a tool, I like to get as close to a production environment as possible, so the behavior doesn't change when we "go live".

And yes, an sqlite to firebird doc would be helpful.

PS The sqlite to mysql link you posted returns 404.

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