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In v4.0 where do I find obliterate?


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I need to delete a folder that was added to source control and has no business in being there.

I want it removed from all the changests on all the branches etc.

I saw somewhere that there is a command called obliterate that does that, But I can find it in the UI.

I did find that I have to add such a permission (using the permissions right click menu on the folder i want to remove),

and added this permission (I hope I did it right).

now how DO I remove the folder (and all its sub items) from source control ?



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Hi Epeleg,

I'm sorry but the obliterate functionality is not available in PlasticSCM 4.

We will try to find a way to have it again soon.

By now you can remove that directory in your baseline, so your new branches will have the directory removed.

You can also remove the directory on your task branch and propagate the change to the baseline.



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