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Eclipse integration doesn't work although plugins installed


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The integration with Eclipse doesn't work: right click -> "Team" doesn't bring up Plastic's options.

I have a "Plastic SCM" perspective, but it doesn't show anything, although I have a working environment (I can see branches and download code, etc..)

The plugins do show in Help -> about -> Installation details -> Plug-ins, although appear as "Unsigned" (does it matter ?). Their versions are: commands core ver. 4.0.0, plugin ver. 4.0.2370

Things I tried: reinstallation (w/out uninstall), uninstall and then fresh installation

My environment:

Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers, Helios RS2

Win7 64 bit

Avira antivirus, COMODO firewall

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Ok, let's check the plugin log.

1) Copy the attached file (logging.properties) into "$ECLIPSE_HOME" folder.

2) Launch "$ECLIPSE_HOME\eclipse.exe -clean"

3) Post us the "$ECLIPSE_HOME\logs\ PlasticJavaShell.log" content.

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