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  1. Yeah that's the conflict panel we see. It seems to suggest there are 2 options either to "undo your local changes" or "restore the item....". Can the user who is experiencing the conflict restore the item to the server from within Gluon and the proceed to check-in their work?
  2. I was able to engineer the conflict using Gluon alone on a single branch/centralised server model - even though the file was checked-out and was setup as exclusive checkout on the repository it was still possible to delete the file while it was checked out. Ultimately the art team will be checking the checked-out status of files before deleting them but it seems Gluon still allows this case to occur and mistakes happen so just wanted to check if there was a mechanism for solving it.
  3. Think that might have been applicable to a different post, so my question about resolving the conflict in Gluon probably still stands. Ideally we wouldn't want the art team to have to switch from Gluon to Plastic in order to solve delete conflicts
  4. @calbzam I might need to get in touch for training as I'm finding it quite tricky to follow the steps in that document - for example in the Plastic SCM frontend (not Gluon) under the Repositories window, right clicking on a repository doesn't show any permissions options (see the image below). It could be that the document is more relevant for self hosted rather than cloud hosted repos or perhaps I'm just misunderstanding the document
  5. @calbzam Thanks for the link. The documentation explains how this is possible using the Plastic front end, are the same resolutions possible using Gluon alone?
  6. I'm familiar with other SCM but just learning how to use Plastic - specifically the Gluon frontend. During our tests we engineered a situation where a file had been checked-out and changed by A and then deleted by B. As expected this leads to a conflict in Gluon when A attempts to check-in the changed file. What are the options allowed by Gluon to solve this conflict? We are able to lose the local changes and have the file remain deleted but is it possible to override the deletion with the local content changes and if so how?
  7. I'm evaluating Plastic Cloud Edition using Gluon as the front end. I've tried searching the web and forums to see if it is possible to manage access to individual cloud repositories but haven't been able to find any clear information. I'm interested specifically in the following: - Can you grant people access to specific repositories and not others? - Can access be restricted to read-only? - and if so how is this managed?
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